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Roo Systems Warranty

Roo Systems Warranty

Contrary to what a dealer may tell you, the fitment of aftermarket parts does not void you vehicle warranty.

If a dealer ever tells you, “That will void your warranty”. The first thing you need to do is ask the dealer to put that in writing. You will find that they will not do this and more often than not, the dealer will then say, “if the part makes anything fail it’s not covered under warranty.” Or words to that effect. In other words, the aftermarket part you fitted will not automatically void your vehicle warranty.

If the aftermarket part causes a genuine part to fail then of course the manufacturer does not need to warrant the original part and that is fair enough.

Dealers have a lot of money invested in their parts and service networks hence if they can get you to believe that accessories/upgrades that have you fitted to your 4WD has caused the failure then the dealer stands to make money from your vehicle breakdown via labour and parts charges. The labour will be charged at their premium rate and you will be paying his retail price for all parts and consumables. If the breakdown is deemed a warranty job, the dealer only receive a token amount from the manufacturer and get the replacement parts for free. This highlights the vested financial interest dealers have in limiting/minimising warranty work.

This means that when you purchase a part for your car that is built well and maintains the safety features and integrity of the vehicle then you will not have any problems.

The onus is on the dealer/manufacturer to prove the aftermarket part has caused the failure of their part. It is not the other way around. You do not need to prove anything.

ECU Tuning Warranty

Limited Warranty and Support Policy

Thank you for purchasing the Roo Systems ECM tuning product. Although Roo Systems has an immaculate record when it comes to any engine or driveline issue, we realise there is a need to cover all eventualities to ensure every customer’s peace of mind.

Who is covered:

This warranty is extended only to the original end-user purchaser or the person receiving the product as a gift, and shall not be extended to any other person or transferee (“Original Purchaser”).

What is covered and for how long:

(i) For the remaining balance of new car warranty or a period of 1 year if the new car warranty has expired, from the date of install by the Original Purchaser. When purchased directly from Roo Systems or certified agents and used in normal conditions, Roo Systems warrants:

(A) damage to a vehicle; and

(B) your vehicle’s driveline

that occurs during the warranty period and is a direct proven result of the Roo Systems ECM tune product. For the purposes of this clause, engine and driveline are defined as engine and transmission components excluding any attached ancillaries which may or may not be attached.

(ii) For a period of 5 years from the date of purchase by the Original Purchaser, Roo Systems warrants that for this product, directly from Roo Systems and used in normal conditions:

(A) all work done will be free from defects performing the tuning service:

What is not covered:

This warranty does not cover:

(iii) manufacturers’ defects in design arising directly or indirectly out of or in any way connected with, any defective design or error in specification of the product;

(iv) unauthorised alteration, installation, disassembling, making of additions or modifications of or to the original condition or repair of products;

(v) faulty workmanship provided by you or any costs or expenses  incurred in performing, completing, correcting or improving any work undertaken or provided by you;

(vi) improper or unreasonable use, repairs or maintenance, including any repairs conducted without the written authority of Roo Systems including but not limited to a failure to follow operating instructions by Roo Systems’ technical officer;

(vii) loss of use of the vehicle (whether or not having been physically damaged) arising directly or indirectly out of or in any way connected with a delay or lack of performance by you or on your behalf, or the failure of your vehicle to meet the level of performance, quality, fitness or durability expressly or implicitly warranted or represented by you;

(viii) vehicle damage if such damage arises directly or indirectly out of or is in any way connected with any defect in the vehicle; or the vehicles unsuitability for the purpose for which the product is intended for; or the vehicles inherent vice or inefficiency or ineffectiveness; and

(ix) generally for accident; excess moisture; insects; lightning; power surges; connections to improper voltage supply; damages caused by non-Roo Systems products; damages expected or intended by you; and any fair wear and tear.

What we will do:

During the warranty period, we will, at our sole option, repair or replace (using new or refurbished replacement parts) any defective parts within a reasonable period of time and free of charge. If the product requires vehicle repairing, it will be repaired and tested to pre-delivery standards. Replacement parts or products will be new or serviceably used, comparable in function and performance of the original part or product and warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period or if longer 30 days after delivery to you.

What we will not do:

Pay shipping, insurance or transportation charges from you to us, or any import fees, duties and taxes.

What you must do to obtain Limited Warranty Service:

Return the vehicle, with proof of purchase from Roo Systems directly or from an authorised Roo Systems Dealer, using the following procedures:

(i) contact Roo Systems head office at the earliest opportunity for a repair, return or re-tune of the product and to discuss the reason for the repair/return/re-tune;

(ii) follow all reasonable instructions made by the Roo Systems’ technical officer to remedy any deficiencies found in the tuning product;

(iii) if the problem still exists, return the vehicle, with proof of purchase to Roo Systems or an authorised Roo Systems dealer and Roo Systems will repair/replace/re-tune the vehicle in accordance with above.

(iv) Report any known or suspected defect, deficiency or damage to the vehicle as a result of this tuning product within 2 days of the event occurring and if required to immediately discontinue use of the vehicle until resolved.

30-Day money back guarantee:

From date of Install. If customer is unhappy with result the car will be returned to standard and moneys refunded. Roo Systems reserves the right to address the concern before money is refunded on any reasonable concern. Roo System is not liable for out of pocket expenses due to these concerns.

Other conditions:

The provisions of this limited warranty are in lieu of any other warranty, whether expressed or implied, written or oral, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Roo Systems’ maximum liability shall not exceed the actual purchase price paid by you for the tuning product, however, in the event that damage to your vehicle is proven to have been directly caused by the tuning product, Roo Systems will only be liable for the costs of repairing the damage directly caused by the tuning product and shall not be liable for loss of, damage to vehicles which is not proven a direct result of the tuning product, or for special, incidental, consequential, or indirect damages howsoever caused including without limitation the replacement of equipment and property, and any costs of replacing or modifying your Roo Systems’ tuning product. Purchasing additional products from Roo Systems does not extend your warranty period for this purchased tuning product.

Other legal rights:

This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you also may have other rights that vary from state to state or country to country. Some places do not allow limitations on implied warranties or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

This warranty is valid only if this warranty is signed, dated and returned to Roo Systems within 30 days of purchase, otherwise you will void your warranty: