Roller drawers offer the load space solution for your next adventure. Looking for an elegant design and a robust heavy-duty setup? Then Uneek has the roller drawer for your vehicle. With left and right side single and double drawers, we give you all the options to store your goods safely and easily.

With a lockable design you are left with complete peace of mind when shopping for a BOAB drawer and accessory solution from Uneek4x4.

Roller Drawers

Left, right, single, and double drawers are available for storing all your tools, gear, and luggage for your next adventure. Ideal for tradespeople who can load up tools which are easily accessible. For campers who store cooking equipment and camping gear. Or for off-road enthusiasts that need that extra space. Compatible with Utes, 4x4’s and standard cars, accessing your stuff with BOAB’s drawers are so easy!

Wing Kits

Our wing kits come with side bracket sets, carpeted or unfinished plywood panels. Allowing modification of the wing tops for any applications in the rear of your vehicle. Coming in single, double and in both left and right side setups – making it easy to find a product for your needs.


Can I install roller drawer kits at home?

Yes, this is possible. with each of our roller drawers comes a set of easy to follow instructions, installing all your drawers at home can be done in a matter of hours.

How do I know the roller drawer will fit my vehicle?

Each of our roller drawer product pages give a rough indication on which vehicles they are compatible with.