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Warranty Policy

Uneek 4x4 Pty Ltd offers the following Warranty on it's products in addition to Australian Consumer Law.

What is covered:

1. Replacement or repair on any damaged product during shipping

2. Replacement or repair on any manufacturing faults for the first 5 years.* 

Criteria for warranty:

1. You must show proof of purchase of the item and within the warranty period for that product as stated on the product information page on this website

2. The product must have been fitted in accordance with Uneek 4x4 Pty Ltd fitting instructions and information

3. Have carried out normal maintenance and care for the product

4. Used in accordance for it's intended purpose

5. Expenses incurred by the customer in claiming the warranty are to be borne by the customer

Warranty will not apply when the following takes place:

1. Unusual, improper or negligent use or misuse of the Uneek 4x4 product

2. Incorrect fitting of the product

3. The use of non genuine products and sub components on Uneek 4x4 Pty Ltd components

4. Use on vehicles not specified or modified from the original intent of the vehicle

5. Overloading the product passed it's suggested use

6. Damage caused in racing or competitions

How to Claim:

1. Bring the product back to Uneek 4x4 Pty Ltd or any of it's agents 

2. Supply proof of purchase of product

3. Uneek 4x4 Pty Ltd will review the defect and make an assessment


*Product finishes and powder coat carry a 12-month warranty. This does not include scratching or general wear to surface or result from animal or vehicle collision. 

Please note that all install times are estimates only and sometimes happen quicker or slower than quoted.

Any parts sold by Uneek 4x4 in which we did not manufacture we revert to the Warranty Policy supplied by the original manufacturer.