The capable Toyota 80 Series is the answer to a classic 90’s off-roader. With its high driving position and simple setup, you can take it for some serious off-roading and is popular for just that! For that added protection, why not pair your 80 Series with a Bull bar, Roof Rack and Rock Slider solution from Uneek4x4?

We make sure you have the tools you need for your next adventure. Whether you need to transport extra equipment securely with a K9 Roof Rack or need wildlife protection against Kangaroos – Uneek4x4 has the solution for you!

Our tailor made products are designed to fit your 80 Series Land Cruiser. Our K9 Ladders get you on your roof for those extra special nights away where you need to pack everything. Our Roof Racks take away the stress of finding that gear when you need it most. If you can't find a roof rack for you then check out Land Cruiser roof racks with Rola.  

Installing Your 80 Series Racks and Accessories

With bespoke designs for your 80 series, our handy product pages outline the exact model years its compatible with. Our easy-to-use instructions are included with every purchase, making it easy to install at home for those with experience, of can be fitted by a professional.

Guaranteed Built to Last

At Uneek we take off-roading and protection very seriously. Which is why over many years of experience and partnerships with the best off-road brands, we know how to protect and transport you and your gear safely. Ensuring you know it can withstand the harsh Australian climate and anything you throw at it with its durable design. Tested and engineered in Australia, we are proudly serving our local market.

Shop your next Roof Rack, Side Rails, Rock Sliders and more from Uneek4x4!

Shop on our online store you can find a range of accessories that pair with your 80 Series Land Cruiser for your next getaway. Shop online for your next accessory today and we will deliver straight to your door anywhere in Australia!

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  • Tactical Roof Rack To Suit Toyota LandCruiser 80 Series General 4x4 Tactical rack fitted to 80 Series Land Cruiser General 4x4 Tactical rack fitted to 80 Series Land Cruiser Rear lights fitted to Tactical Roof rack Side lights fitted to Tactical roof rack

    Tactical Roof Rack To Suit Toyota LandCruiser 80 Series

    Don't waste your time on any other Roof Rack. The Tactical Rack is the perfect Rack for all your needs. These modern Roof Racks are delivered to you in a flat pack and have more features than any other rack on the market. So great is the flat pack design...

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