When in the outback a fridge is the ideal companion for fresh produce and cold beverages. A portable fridge loads easily in the back of your vehicle, has low power consumption, and come in a range of sizes to suit your needs.
Huge Range of Fridges Available

From 40-125L, our National Luna fridge range has all bases covered. Its stainless steel design looks the part and has dual usage as a freezer too. Peak performance even in the hottest of climates, National Luna fridges have full thermostat settings and high-quality insulation meaning low power consumption.

Each of our National Luna fridge product pages clearly display dimensions. Making it easy to find one that fits in your vehicle. With most of the range suitable for working on mains or battery power, depending on your environment.

A Fridge Slide is the ideal accessory

The universal fridge slide is compatible with any vehicle. Ideal for smaller fridges (under 50L) it allows you access to your cooler when parked up. Makes easy work of preparing for your next meal or handing out ice cold beverages.


Can I use my fridge as a freezer too?

With National Luna fridges temperature control, they can be used as a freezer too. With some models going down -30˚C, this is more than enough to freeze your items. However, please check each product page for their temperature ratings.

Do you have twin fridge-freezers available?

Yes absolutely. With some National Luna models coming in dual fridge freezer setups, it’s easy to find one that works for you.