The Sierra has been around since the 1980’s and are still being used today. Which proves how tough and capable these machines are. How about pairing your Sierra with a Winch bumper from Uneek4x4?

With the perfect combination of rugged ability and practicality, the Sierra is Suzuki’s answer to the Jeep brand. Every Sierra owner knows the longevity and off-road ability of these vehicles. The Sierra has the classic 80’s design and is suitable for any task you throw at it.

Pairing it with an off-road accessory from Uneek4x4 means you have a bespoke protection setup for all angles against wildlife, whilst your vehicle looks the part. Our Winch bumper are suitable from early 1981 models right up to 1998 Sierra’s. Each one is robustly designed, using high quality materials that withstand the harsh Aussie climate.

Our product pages lay out the exact model year they are compatible with, making it easy to find the next protection product for your Suzuki.

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Looking for an elegant design and something for that extra protection? Our range of front Winch bumper bars give the best protection against wildlife and are ideal your next adventure.

With a modern style that is tested and manufactured right here in Australia, you are left with complete peace of mind when shopping for any Bullbar or accessory solution from Uneek. Our customers have been using us for their safety and off-road adventure equipment for a long time.

Winch Bumpers are Easy to Install

Installation of our Winch Bumpers can be done at home. With our easy-to-follow instructions provided with every product, you can get setup in no time. Leaving you with extra planning and packing time to make sure your trip is the best it can be!
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We are just a phone call or email away in answering any questions on your Suzuki Sierra solution. With a wealth of experience, we at Uneek4x4 pride ourselves on having amazing customer service, so you’ll speak to a real expert in the industry.

Best of all, we deliver right to your door - anywhere in Australia!