Ute Bed Extender

For transporting extra gear, Uneek4x4’s bed extender is a great addition to your Ute. Compatible with a range of vehicles, each bed extender comes in a high strength metal design that can handle heavy loads.

Extending the length of your bed is ideal for those with trail bikes, tradespeople needing that bit more load space, and loading all their gear for a camping trip.

Whether you have a Navara, Colorado, BT-50, Ranger, Hilux, Triton or V200 we have the Bed Extender for you.

Benefits of Bed Extenders

With that added load space, you can carry timber, machinery, motorbikes, large tools, and ladders. All without the risk of your gear falling out when driving along. Part of each bed extenders setup are cross bars that offer robust protection and hold your gear into place. Plus, they are a great tie down point for bikes, timber, and tools that you need to securely fasten.


Can I load any bike to my Ute with a bed extender?

Most trail bikes are compatible with Bed Extenders. For longer bikes, or for dual cab Utes then optional tier spacers are available from Uneek 4x4.

Can I install the Ute Bed Extender at Home?

It’s easy to install at home and can be done in under an hour. Each of our products have an install difficulty rating and with our Ute Bed Extenders it is usually 2/10 difficulty.

My vehicle is not listed, can I still install a Bed Extender on my Ute?

Check our product pages to make sure your vehicle is not listed. Otherwise feel free to contact us and we may be able to assist you with your vehicle.