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Why buy Uneek


We at Uneek 4x4 are proud to say we make the best off road accessories on the market.


 Here are a few reasons why our premium products are the best you can get


1. Bull bars -

        Our bull bars are designed by engineers who actually drive off road regularly. We do not design our bars to look the same across the vehicle range, following a design style that has been used for decades like most of our competition. Nor do we copy other manufacturers.  We fully develop our own product to individually suit that vehicle.  We take time in designing from scratch and then test all our bars to comply with all relevant ADRs and Australian Standards.  Here are some features that we pioneered.

               (A) - A winch compatible bar that is designed to suit the most popular winches today, which often run plasma rope.  No extra spacer kit needed, just a direct bolt on. Also we offer a soft lead in entry for the rope when winching at extreme angles.  Watch your rope rip to shreds on other bars when pulling at extreme angles 



           (B) - Perforated mesh in the bull bars as well as bash plates for extra air flow, without leaving expensive components vulnerable to damage when in the rough stuff.


         (C) - An optional LED winch light to make winching at night easier as you can get a great view of the winch drum in dark situations 


    (D) -  Most of our competitors cut huge sections out of the wing of a bull bar and put in a plastic housing to hold the lights.  This seriously weakens the wing in case of an impact.  Uneek 4x4 welds a steel box back in to house LED indicators and LED fog lights.



(E) -  Approach angle of Uneek bars is generally 6-8 Degrees better than our competitors as we don't bother using unattractive and easily damaged plastic buffers on the front of the bar to hide the welding seam, instead we take the extra time to complete the metal work properly and shape our bar work to look tough yet modern. We also efficiently utilise the space between the bull bar and the vehicle, to heavily reduce what we call "the duck bill effect" when you look side on to our competitor’s bars.

 (F) -   Oh yeah, all our bull bars, slider steps, roof racks and rear bars are made in Australia.  Not Thailand or China


2. Rock Sliders

(A) -  All our rock sliders are designed to be bolted on. No welding is required, and in most cases, you can leave your drill at home too. 

(B) -  A combination for RHS steel and round tube is joined together for some serious strength while still being relatively light.  Add to that a cool looking punched and formed tread plate that actually works for grip in the wet unlike traditional checker plate treads. 

(C) -  The sliders are made to take abuse when out 4wdriving but are designed to collapse in during a road accident to ensure curtain airbags still work.




3. Rear bars and tyre swing outs

    (A) -  Some of our tyre carriers have unique opening mechanisms that allow the tyre weight to be supported by the vehicle chassis but utilize the door latch for single hand operation.  No stuffing around with ancient over centre latches like our competitors.  Vehicles with lift up tailgates get slam latches for similar operation to a car door.

    (B) -  Bolt on rear winch mount has proved very handy for those with mates who can't keep up or when you dive in to trouble. 

    (C) -  LED reverse lights, LED stop/tail/indicators






4. Roof Racks

   All our roof racks are made out of high strength aluminium for a light weight yet strong roof top storage solution.  Powder coated and supported with steel these racks are designed specifically for each vehicle like no other.  

  Covered in mesh for storing small items these racks really can't be beat. Good looks, strong and super light weight.